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Although the sun's energy is unlimited and free, PV solar systems still struggle to achieve high levels of efficiency and low costs.

The traditional PV Solar system consists of PV Panels serially connected to central inverter with or without a DC maximizer, or a microinverter connected to single panels. These legacy technologies come short in comparison with the new SolarBead technology.

SolarBead changes the way that PV energy is produced and provides each PV panel with 3 MPPTs, thus increasing power harvesting performance beyond legacy technology.


We Generate Power Where Nobody Can.

As the sun lights and solar beads change their color range, so does SolarBead's Micro-inverter - the InverBead  invert the sun irradiance to full power.

InverBead is a 250Watt microinverter, tuned to deliver max power from normal and abnormal panel's power distribution. Productivity in un-balanced irradiance situation is exceptional.

InverBead is a plug and play micro-inverter, connected to a trunk and drop harness. The InverBead connect each and every PV panel to the grid, providing the best in market power output.

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